Monday, August 17, 2009

May Enrichment

This post is way over due. My youngest child is finally in kindergarten, so I am trying to catch up with my life. Back in May, yes, 3 months ago, we had an Enrichment on Emergency Prepardness. It has held at the Gailey's home. They gave us a tour of their food storage. Pictured below is the storage under their stairs. They also have storage in their garage as well. I do like checking out what others are doing when it comes to food storage. It kind of helps you understand where you stand, and what you need to do. It is unfortunate that we don't have a lot of space in Hawaii to devote to food storage.

Among other things discussed, Loha brought an emergency backpack kit for us to see. This isn't a backpack that she put together, but rather one that can be purchased. It gave us an idea what kinds of things to include. I didn't realize that I need to include gloves as well. Also, I think I should buy a tube tent. It doesn't take up a lot of space.

Bro. Gailey provided a meal for us using your food storage. He made a lot of differet dishes.

Bob's Caribbean Black Bean and Rice

Bob's Creole Red Beans and Rice

Bob's Lentil Soup

Bob's Navy Bean Soup

Bob's Pinto Beans and Hamhocks

Bob's Split Pea Soup

The sister returned home well fed. Can't miss any event held at the Gailey's home.

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Thanks for keeping this blog going, Shauna! I love feeling like I'm still in the loop.